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Absorptive Grooved Slats, Size 1feet x 2feet


  Estimated Delivery:  Feb 12 Feb 17
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Brands: Envirotech

Product Details

Absorptive Grooved wooden Slats are aesthetically appealing products with Acoustic properties that tackle aesthetic and Eco or reverberation issues. The design meets the needs of the metropolitan lifestyle. These Absorptive Grooved wooden Slats come in a variety of shades to meet all interior and acoustical requirements and provide sound reflections and absorption through PET grooves and perforations. These slats can be used in interior ceilings and walls in a vertical, horizontal, or inclined position. Perfect for Auditoriums, Lecture rooms, Conference rooms, Hotels, Offices, Airports, Studios, Museums, Libraries, Private villas or Farmhouses, Homes, Living rooms, Theaters, etc.


Chilly Red, Jet Black, Lemon Yellow, Light Blue, Ocean Blue, Orange, Silver Grey