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Envirotech is a reputed manufacturer of a high standard and quality Acoustic Louvers. It is specialized in manufacturing custom-designed louvers to meet the varied demands of various customers. It provides you with a wide range of products that range from custom-made louvers to acoustic louvers. With its ever-growing portfolio, Envirotech is continuously upgrading its products and services in the field of acoustic and thermal management.

The Acoustic Louvers are usually made of high-quality aluminium or galvanized steel for their tensile strength and durability with a thickness of 300mm or 600mm. They are also resistant to adverse conditions such as weather, heat, and cold.

The Acoustic Louvers are specially designed to withstand pressure drop and water ingress without hindering airflow. The fiberglass insulation of the louvers helps to absorb sound.

ACOUSTIC LOUVER is designed for sound control and ventilation. They can filter external noises and provide open space for internal airflow. ACOUSTIC LOUVER is energy efficient, with a low profile, so they’ll never obstruct your view.

Acoustic Louvers are used in various applications and situations. They can be used to reduce noise levels in a factory or to help control noise pollution. Acoustic Louvers are also used for architectural purposes and soundproofing. Acoustic Louvers are a passive noise control solution that can reduce the sound level of a wide variety of noises by as much as 10 decibels. 

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