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We manufacture Acoustic Enclosure that are specially designed for power plant and keep the noise emission to the permissible level. Industrial Acoustics has to be kept under a certain level especially in manufacturing units that have a high level noise emission. The areas of application of our acoustic enclosure are varied and it covers the requirements of many industries like cement plant, steel plant, oil and gas plant, forging industries among many others.

We make a complete structural design of the acoustic enclosures with engineering support for the layout. The specifications of these acoustic enclosures include criteria such as proper ventilation and air circulation to ensure optimal performance of the power plant.

The louvers used for ventilation are acoustically treated. For all enclosures especially those housing heavy duty equipment it is necessary to provide sufficient ventilation for air circulation. This is an important criterion as to not affect the performance of the power plant. Machines like power plants work best in an open environment but due to environmental noise restrictions, they need to be encased in acoustic enclosures. Envirotech Online Offers quick Delivery and installation of Acoustic Enclosure for machines with Customized designs and client requirements.

The Acoustic Enclosures for Power Plant have acoustic doors and windows to maintain the industrial acoustics levels. The enclosure has proper air vents with acoustically treated louvers for the inlets and exhaust outlets. We understand our client’s requirements and cater to all the necessary specification for the power plant enclosures.


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    Envirotech Acoustic Enclosure are Tailermaid and can be modified as per client requirements.

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