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Envirotech is a leading manufacturer of Acoustic Clouds, Acoustic Hanging Clouds, Ceiling Clouds, Panels, And Hanging Sound- Absorbing Clouds. The Acoustical cloud Panels are designed to reduce noise and reverberation in large spaces with high ceilings. They’re constructed from recycled polyester/polyacrylic materials, with acoustic fabric facing and a hanging hook that allows for easy installation.

Acoustical Cloud is the perfect acoustic panel that provides noise and reverberation control in large spaces with high ceilings. Made of sturdy nylon fabric, these panels are lightweight and easy to install. Acoustical Cloud are designed to create a sound barrier against noise and echo-producing surfaces, like dropped ceilings.

These Acoustical Cloud are designed to reduce echo in areas such as Auditorium, Lecture Theatre, gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, and other high ceiling spaces. They offer a professional look and are very easy to install. With these Acoustic Hanging Clouds, you’ll soon hear a change. Made with 100% recycled materials, they are a sustainable solution that brings peace and tranquillity to the office. They are also affordable, and easy to install and maintain.

Reduce noise and echo with Acoustic Cloud – a beautiful, acoustically-tuned ceiling design that’s also environmentally friendly. Acoustic Clouds offer a complete package: we custom design and manufacture the acoustic fabric ceiling system and coverings to fit any size of the room, including irregular spaces.

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